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Project Description
High speed, resource hungry, and updatable DeepZoom/Pivot Collection maker. Fast creating a new collection, really fast updating an image in a preexisting one.

I wanted a simple way to create a DZ collection for my large Pivot images (which need a DZ collection). This library needed to:

1. Be fast, and use every resource available on the machine to make it that fast.
2. Be really fast if this collection had already been rendered and there were one or two images that were new or updated.

The work here is based on lots of other projects that are out there, and if this ever gets off the ground I'll reference some of them!


There is currently none. Partly this is because this is a very low level library, and, in fact, can't be used stand-alone. If you wanted to create a DeepZoom image or a Pivot collection, you'd still need the code to generate the tiles for the individual image. Eventually, I'd love to have this do that as well, but one step at a time... If people are very interested in using something like this code, shoot me an email and I'll generate some sample code to guide! Test cases may also help you get started. Otherwise, I'm going to get the higher level library up and running first.

Current Status

Distributed as a nuget package, prerelease, labeled "alpha". It will be 1.0 when it has the following features:
  • Can generate a pivot collection image Done
  • Cache results from each generation, and on update only add new images Done
  • Runs multithreaded to the best of my ability
  • Caches the lowest level images internally to made dramatic savings on disk I/o for high density image levels.

Find it on nuget as package DZParallelLib

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